Jacinda Ardern talks motherhood on America's Today Show


NZ's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been interviewed on national TV in the US, appearing on NBC's Today in New York.

Ms Ardern told the breakfast TV show she had to apologise in advance to fellow passengers, should baby Neve struggle with the long haul flight to New York.

"She is a good baby, I can't complain," Ms Ardern said.

"There's that look though, that you get when you walk onto a plane with a little one, that stare from other passengers which I felt very conscious of."

Ms Ardern told the show that she'd gained insight into motherhood from her sister, who has had two children.

It's met my expectations. The joy, though, has far surpassed expectations.

"My appreciation of parents, mothers, and solo mothers particularly [and] parents who do it on their own, my appreciation for that has increased tenfold."

The hosts closed out the show by asking Ms Ardern what she'd say if she had five minutes with US President Donald Trump, who is also in New York for the General Assembly.

"I would just talk about New Zealand. I'd like to think that we're exemplars and we've got a record that we can be proud of. So I'd probably just talk about us."


- Simon Hampton for Newshub.