Hailey Baldwin opens up about all the hate on her engagement to Justin Bieber

scandal 04/09/2018

Considering Justin Bieber's had girls obsessed with him since he was a lil'teen, it's no surprise they're not happy that he's officially off the market with Hailey Baldwin.

And even though she's gotten a lot of hate from those fans, Hailey Baldwin isn't letting it bring her down.

While talking with Australian magazine Stellar, Hailey said she's "beyond excited" to be engaged to the Biebs and even though there's definitely be negativity around it, she's doing her best to ignore it all.

I don’t think it’s affected me really, I have learned to just try my best to ignore the negativity at this time so that I can enjoy this season of my life.

Instead, Hailey said she's more excited about continuing to learn and grow plus being a role model for young girls

The fact that young girls look up to me truly blows my mind. I just hope I can continue to have something of substance to offer them