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Working for Air New Zealand is goals after they give staff $1800 bonuses


Air New Zealand have posted their second-highest pre-tax annual profit which has basically resulted in good news for all of us. 

The airline will invest into new lounges, more domestic flights, and leasing another three aircraft to reduce flight delays and flight cancellations arising from maintenance issues with its Dreamliner fleet.

They will also pay a bonus of $1800 to permanent staff not in a short-term incentive programme.

In recognition of the robustness of the 2018 result, about 8500 Air New Zealand staff  who do not have other incentive programmes as part of their employment agreement will next week receive bonuses of up to $1800. 

The airline will also invest about $150 million in the next four years in aircraft cabins, digital products and lounges.

Chief executive Christopher Luxon has said customers can look forward to more cheap airfares next year.

"In 2019, we will offer more than 2.9 million seats for travel in New Zealand for under $100," Mr Luxon said.