Viagogo is finally being sued for ripping people off with fake tickets

scandal 15/08/2018

Viagogo a.k.a the site that rips off some many people by selling fake concert and event tickets is finally being sued and it's about time!

It has been announced today that the NZ Commerce Commission is "to commence civil procceedings in the high court against Switzerland-based ticket resale website Viagogo."

Aswell as ripping people off and taking their money, The Commission is also sueing the site for giving false/misleading info such as:

  • That it was an 'official' seller, when it is not
  • That tickets were limited or about to sell out
  • That consumers were 'guaranteed' to receive valid tickets for their event
  • About the price of tickets, when it's 'headline' prices were unobtainable because of the addition of GST and various fees.  

NZ now joins a "growing group of international enforcement agencies who are bringing similar cases against Viagogo" such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Australia. Stuart Wallace, the Commission's Head of Consumer, said:

We acknowledge that this has been a longstanding investigation, and in large measure that is because of the complexity of pursuing a case against an online trader based offshore. We are pleased to have progressed matters to the point where we are now able to launch proceedings,

The Commission has also put out a message on their website advising people to "seriously consider whether buying tickets from ticket reselling website Viagogo is worth the risk."

We are currently investigating Viagogo and to date have received more than 300 complaints. Our investigation is focused on alleged false and misleading representations made by Viagogo which could breach the Fair Trading Act.

So if you're looking at buying some concert tickets in the future DO NOT get them from Viagogo and if you're someone who's been ripped off by them in the past, looks like justice could finally be served!