The Simpsons Movie is finally getting a sequel!


The Simpsons Movie was probably a good little chunk in your childhoods, right? Spider Pig, anyone? Well, now we've got the long awaited sequel to look forward to!

After the first movie - which came out in 2007 - was a hit, 11 years later, the creators reckon it's time for another one.

In the first film, we saw Homer accidentally condemn the city of Springfield to being contained in a giant glass dome after he over-polluted the local lake.

With the city later facing destruction, Homer managed to redeem himself by destroying the glass dome and saving the day.

An article in The Wall Street Journal has uncovered that a sequel to the animated comedy is now finally in the works — and will see the Simpsons family return to the big screen more than a decade after they last starred in their own movie.

The Simpsons has already run for 29 seasons and will commence its 30th in September.