Stop what you're doing, Ed Sheeran just hinted he's already married!

scandal 28/08/2018

So in today's news, Ed Sheeran might've tied the knot in secret!

During an interview with Access Online, Ed was about his wedding plans and if he and his fiancee Cherry had already picked out a date or venue.

That's when things get very,very exciting.

Ed went a little red in the face, and tried to hide back a smile as he pointed to his wedding ring finger, as if that was his answer to the question.

The interviewer, who's obviously in shock at this moment (atleast we definitely would've been if it was us) said "Congratulations my friend! How did you sneak that one… how did you manage that?!”

Ed then replied with "Well I never really do anything too public anyway,”.


Watch the full video of the chat for yourself and if this is true, massive congratulations to Ed and Cherry!