Harry Potter fans make better partners according to science

trending 24/08/2018

We knew our Harry obsession would come in handy eventually...

According to a new study published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, readers who prefer science fiction and fantasy genres were less likely to endorse unrealistic beliefs about coupling up. 

This is great news if the guy or gal you have your eye on is into the world of Harry Potter!

Research was carried out on 404 adults and their exposure to different classic, romance, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and horror writers, as well as their views on unrealistic, unhelpful beliefs about relationships.

The findings showed that fans of science fiction were less likely to support the unhealthy myths about relationships. 

"At least two of the specific beliefs (eschewed by sci-fi fans) — the belief that disagreement is destructive, and the belief that partners cannot change — are associated with maladaptive relationship attitudes, behaviours, and/or outcomes in the real world," the researchers note.

So before you Slytherin to bed with a potential bae, or give them the portkey to your heart, make sure you check their reading habits! If they aren't a Harry fan, they may not be the golden snitch you've been seeking.