'Game of Thrones' just gave us the first look at final season

scandal 28/08/2018

So the bad news is Game of Thrones is reportedly going to be delaying season 8 even futher but the good news? We've finally got our first look at what to expect!

Filming wrapped up for the cast and crew last month and now HBO has released the first teaser for the final season but don't blink or you'll probs miss it...

The short glimpse was apart of HBO's trailer for their 2019 line up of shows. The teaser for Game Of Thrones include shots from past seasons but there's also new footage that shows Jon Snow (Kit Harington) receiving a hug from Sansa (Sophie Turner).

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As well as the hug, the new footage shows the pair in a snowy setting hitting the Jon is (hopefully) going to make it back to Winterfell at somepoint in the series.

Watch the full video below.