Sharyn's new TV gig after hosting Dancing With The Stars NZ

scandal 17/07/2018

Get ready to have Sharyn not only all up in your earholes from 3pm Monday 23rd, once she's comes back from maternity leave, but on TV too!

Even though Dancing With The Stars NZ only just finished last month, Sharyn's back with some very exciting news. Today on social media, she announced she's going to be the narrator for Three's brand new show 'Gogglebox NZ'.

The award winning show, which is already massive in the UK and Australia, will focus on 10 ordinary Kiwi households, as cameras capture their reactions while they watch TV from the previous week.

Ever wonder what other people are saying about your favourite show? Are they voicing exactly what you've been thinking, or does their view shed a refreshing new light on popular culture? Sit tight, because all your questions will soon be answered.

Check out the full trailer above and congrats again Sharyn, you'll smash it!