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Post Malone's reason why Queer Eye fans want him on the show is hilarious & sad

scandal 19/07/2018

Queer Eye: Celeb Edition definitely needs to happen rn. 

One celeb has found himself at the centre of what sounds like a petition to get this happening. 

Queer Eye's culture expert Karamo Brown asked Twitter why fans of the show keep requesting that rapper Post Malone appear on the show. Awww naively it sounds like Karamo is not familiar with the social media trend in which users will accuse Post Malone of being dirty or smelly, because his first assumption was that perhaps the rapper had requested to be on the show. BLESS.

But Post Malone of all people is familiar with what the haters are saying about him and replied to Karamo on what the shady requests were really about:

Replying, Post wrote: "no they just think I'm ugly and smell lol. love the show tho guys, keep crushing it"

Omg. This is both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

Karamo responded by saying that he is actually a fan of Post Malone's style as it is, nawww!