How many hours of sleep you need based on your Zodiac sign

trending 27/07/2018

Are you a complete nana heading to bed by 8pm every night, or do you stay up to all hours of the morning? Well turns out the stars might have something to do with your sleeping habits... who knew?

Astrologer Joshua MacGuire shared his tips on how many hours sleep is ideal for your star sign to stay healthy:

Aries - You don't need much sleep, but you do need inspiration in order to feel docused, energised and alert for the day ahead according to MacGuire. "If they have something to attack in the morning, they can survive on very little," but if you're not fired up, you'll need a lot more, he cautioned.
Ideal hours: 6.5

Taurus - You're an earth sign, so you can easily recruit the energy needed for your brain and body through good nutrition, exercise and pure determination. And according to MacGuire, too much sleep will backfire for you! 
Ideal hours: 7

Gemini - Because you're an air sign, you'll need more sleep than the other signs. So make sure you get to bed early, especially on weeknights! "Always on the move, Gemini, like a toddler, needs about eight hours. They expend so much energy throughout the day that they should really give themselves a good amount of rest," MacGuire said.
Ideal hours: 8

Cancer - You're ruled by the moon and tend to be highly sensitive, so you need to process your emotions (and other's emotions) while you sleep. "They also have to contend with the tides of the ocean and the shifts of the moon, which may disrupt their sleep, so it's best for them to bank up on sleep whenever they have the chance," he said.
Ideal hours: 9

Leo - You need less sleep than most - all you need to stay awake and function well really is to keep yourself entertained! All the entertaining can get exhausting though, so you should take naps and sleep late whenever you get the chance MacGuire says. 
Ideal hours - 6.5

Virgo - Being a hard worker, you don't like to lose too many minutes sleeping. While you may not like it, you'll still need to get a solid sleep to stay productive though! 
Ideal hours - 7

Libra - You LOVE sleep. And we don't blame you. "As an air sign that's other-person centred, sleep might be the only time they can process their own thoughts and feelings and individuate," MacGuire said. Because you're always trying to balance people and situations, you need at least eight hours of rest to maintain your promises and stay on track.
Ideal hours - 8

Scorpio - You tend to be a 'give everything 100%' kind of person. "Part of their power, however, is their ability to regenerate themselves, which they can do in part by sleep," MacGuire said. So to maintain your energy and drive you'll need to get a solid seven hours.
Ideal hours - 7

Saggitarius - You're a typical night owl, so you often find yourself missing out on sleep because of that thing called a job. "Because this very expansive sign really stretches their minds and limits, once they finally decompress to sleep, it would be best for them to not have to gear up too soon after the finally coming down," MacGuire said. Ideally, you'd have a late-starting job that would let you sleep late.
Ideal hours - 9

Capricorn - You Capricorns don't need much sleep because you know life's a challenge, and part of the challenge is being exhausted and carrying on anyway! "Sure, eight to nine hours would do them good, but to those ambitious hard workers, that's a pipe dream and not something they'd allow themselves to do," MacGuire said. Good thing you can get by on only a few hours then!
Ideal hours - 6

Aquarius - You need enough sleep to feel balanced, but prefer to pick your nightly hours depending on how you're feeling on the day. "They would like the freedom to sleep when and how long they want, but there's so much to do," he said, making it tough to oversleep. "Seven hours, therefore, is a good balance and necessary for brain health, since they use their minds so very much," he added.
Ideal hours - 7

Pisces - If you don't get enough sleep time, you may end up becoming too imaginative and dreamy in your daily life, letting your subconscious take over. "Without enough dream time, they are prone to want to escape in other ways," MacGuire says. So make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and be wary of the way you may behave if you don't manage it!
Ideal hours - 9