Christchurch bakery have a 1kg doughnut which you get for free if you finish it


1kg doughnut? Count us IN!

Christchurch bakery Get Baked has been running a 1kg doughnut eating challenge since October last year.

The doughnut costs $20 and the deal is if it's eaten onsite in under an hour the money is refunded.

The rules are: diners have an hour, they have to eat all of it including the cream, they can drink whatever they like, throwing up is an instant fail, challenge attempts are held on Saturdays, it has to be pre-booked.

Around 80 people have made the attempt with a failure rate of about 60 per cent.

The doughnuts are about 600g of dough and 400g of cream.

Dom, Meg and Randell caught up with baker owner Monie who described the challenge to them and they sound like they're going to give it a go!! Omg...pray for us hahaha