The kinda lame reason The Incredibles 2 took 14 years to finish


The Incredibles really has stood the stand of time. It doesn't seem like it's so OLD. It was released in 2004!

Feel old? You know what might make you feel better? The fact that Toy Story was made 23 years ago! Oh no wait, that makes you feel even OLDER!

The first film finished on a cliff-hanger which always suggested there was going to be a second film in the works - and now we're def getting one.

But why did it take SO LONG? Pixar were busy. They've released several sequels of other films, including three Cars movies, the rest of the Toy Story timeline, and loads of others (ten in total). So why not The Incredibles 2?

Producer John Walker simply told GameSpot that

We all had other movies to make and other things to do, and also life goes faster than you think.


Ya what!? You mean that Cars 3 was placed above The Incredibles 2...!? Well we strongly disagree with that decision...

It wasn't only the audience which thought more would be coming from the franchise, however, but some of the main characters did also. Mr Incredible himself, Craig T. Nelson, said: "When it hit like it did, then you expected the sequel to be right behind it.

"About the fourth, fifth year you're going, 'Well, it's not going to happen. There's no scuttlebutt, no rumor. It's done. Weird. Why not do this again?'"

The voice of his screen wife, Holly Hunter, better known as Elasti-girl, agreed with her fellow cast member, and said: "It definitely went over the sell-by date of most sequels, so I was surprised.

"People continued to come up to me over those 14 years and say 'Hi, I love The Incredibles.'

"The movie feels very much in the public consciousness right now."

Ok guys, we get that you were busy but please just don't make us wait 14 years for a third one (IF THERE IS ONE!?) :)

The Incredibles 2 is hitting theatres June 15.