Here's what the kids from 'It' look like as adults in 'It: Chapter Two'

trending 01/06/2018

As creepy as it was, we all loved 'It', and can't wait for the sequel!

Filiming is only just starting this winter so we unfortunately won't get any more Pennywise until September 2019, but in the meantime we're happy with whatever info we can get.

We already knew that Kiwi actor (ahem... hottie) Jay Ryan will be playing the grown up Ben Hanscom, but now more of the main characters' casting has been announced - and it's SPOT ON.

So obviously the sequel is set 27 years after the first, because that's how often Pennywise appears, so the Losers' Club are all grown-up. Here's what they're set to look like as 40(ish) year olds!

Beverly Marsh - played by Sophia Lillis as a kid and Jessica Chastain as an adult:

Bill Denbrough - played by Jaeden Lieberher as a kid and James McAvoy as an adult:

Richie Tozier - played by Finn Wolfhard as a kid and Bill Hader as an adult:

Eddie Kaspbrak - played by Jack Dylan Grazer as a kid and James Ransone as an adult:

Stanley Uris - played by Wyatt Oleff as a kid and Andy Bean as an adult:

Ben Hanscom - played by Jeremy Ray Taylor as a kid and Jay Ryan as an adult:

The only kid in the gang yet to be cast is Mike Hanlon - played by Chosen Jacobs as a kid. 

Apparently he's set to play a much bigger role in the sequel, they're likely giving him some extra special thought. 

And yes, before you ask, Pennywise will still be played by the beautiful Bill Skarsgård - thank god!

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