Blue Ivy literally cannot deal watching her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z being extra on stage

scandal 21/06/2018

The whole world might be in awe of the power couple that is Beyonce and Jay-Z, but they can't win over their six year old daughter Blue Ivy Carter!

Blue Ivy was in the audience of famous parents' June 15th On The Run II show in London (imagine living that life, for a second). And while she enjoyed the most of it, she literally could not deal during the video interlude - which showed the couple kissing, lounging in bed, and Queen Bey shaking it.

We mean, can you blame her? Nobody wants to see their parents doing that shiz.

A fan in the crowd spotted her hilarious reaction, where she covered her eyes and sunk down in her seat to hide.

It wasn't all horrible, nightmare-inducing stuff for poor young Blue Ivy, as she was spotted dancing during other parts of the concert - and it's clear she's inherited some of her mother's rhythm!