Why everyone at Gloriavale is made to wear blue

trending 16/05/2018

Right up there with all the other issues we have with Gloriavale, is why do they all have to wear the colour blue? We mean, that's not flattering for anyone...

All members of the Gloriavale community wear a uniform - trousers, shirt and a tie for the men and a floor-length blue dress for the women.

There isn't any religious significance to the colour blue, the sect's official website says. They wear blue "because it's a colour that goes well with any skin colour or complexion".

We decided in about 1988 to standardise the type of clothing we wear to prevent the expression of vanity as much as possible, and to make our purchasing of materials and the sewing of clothes more economical.

Women also wear head coverings, "as a sign to the angels that a woman has placed herself in submission to the authority of the man".

Members rarely deviate from the standard uniform - even wearing the layers if they go for a swim in the river. Men and boys may wear different clothes depending on their jobs or the occasion. Women choose between a light blue and light pink gown for their wedding day - always of the same style.

SOURCE: Newshub.