New 'Friends' theory has us questioning everything

trending 18/05/2018

Despite everyone's favourite TV show ever, Friends, now being 24 years old, new theories are still surfacing that change our entire perspective on the whole Central Perk universe. 

Providing the latest theory is comedian Emily Heller, tweeting that the writers of Friends were forced to make Ross and Monica brother and sister. 

What? Why? Because otherwise everyone would have sided with Carol in Ross' divorce obviously!

Ok, we're listening...

Let's look into this a bit more. So when the show first started, Ross and Carol had just divorced. We assume that before this they were both part of the main Friends group. So when they split, the Friends would inevitably have to have picked sides. 

Why then would they choose Ross over Carol?

Carol seems like the type of person we would want to be friends with - sweet, funny, kind, smart... whereas Ross is always moaning, has anger management issues, struggles with social interation and proved to be the worst flatmate ever. And sorry Ross, but he's pretty much everyone's least favourite character. 

We know who we would have picked... so why didn't the Friends? Maybe because there was some sort of family obligation?

Twitter weighed in with their thoughts and feelings on the theory, some agreeing, but most sticking up for poor Ross:

Hmm, we're torn. Guess we'll just have to rewatch all 10 seasons just to be sure...