MAFS AU Tracey and Sean split after she brutally dumps him

scandal 14/05/2018

It's always hard trying to figure out how to breaks things off with someone but this is just next level.

Let's be honest, we never thought Tracey and Sean we're going to stick it out in the long run (we mean, they're no Brett and Angel after all) but not long after the show wrapped up, the pair have called it quits.

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In a recent interview with New Idea, Tracey has said she decided enough was enough and dumped Sean when she was picking him up from the airport and he hadn't even got in the car yet:

Because he works away and I’ve been away a lot, I had to wait until when I picked him up from the airport and I just told him straight away. I couldn’t even wait for him to get into the frigging car.

There’s a multitude of reasons and we both could see the writing on the wall for the last couple of weeks. I think we’ve both been in denial, wanting it to work so badly, but it’s just not.

Tracey went on to say they didn't split because of ill feelings between each other but instead it was just their different lifestyles:

Because he’s FIFO, he’s not always here and with that lifestyle there’s no stability. My core needs in a relationship are commitment, stability and security, and Sean can’t give that to me.

That’s why I can’t move to Melbourne with him, I need my friends and my support around me. I’m not ready to move. It’s a miracle me and Sean have made it this far, to be honest.