Dad embarrasses daughter when he goes viral on Twitter

trending 18/05/2018

Someone's Dad embarrassed them? We haven't heard that one before...

But Alex Leavey's Dad Dennis took it to the next level when an accidental picture of him went viral on Twitter.

A young woman was taking a selfie in Manhattan when she captured Dennis in the background appearing to be having a good ol' look at her. The pic captioned "Wow what a photobomb -_-" went viral and has received 46.5k likes since it was posted on Tuesday. 

It then quickly became a meme, which brought it to the attention of Dennis' daughter. 

DAD!!!! Way to embarrass her in front of the ENTIRE INTERNET!

Alex luckily found the whole thing quite funny, telling Buzzfeed:

"I immediately knew it was my dad and was laughing at most of the replies to it. My dad has a really big personality so for people who know him it was so funny that of all people walking around in Manhattan of all places this picture was taken and he's in it."

But nothing is ever as it seems guys... it turns out Dennis is actually blind in one eye! So there's a big chance that he wasn't staring at the young woman at all, and rather just looking down. 

Alex asked her Dad and although he doesn't remember the exact moment the picture was taken, he said that it's not likely that he was checking the girl out. 

Regardless it's still hilarious, even Dennis' wife thinks so!