Auckland's best dumplings and where to find them

trending 22/05/2018

Apart from Pizza, one of our favourite lil'food treats has to be those amazing dumplings we all know and love.

Whether they're fried or steamed you literally can't go wrong with those lil'pouches of goodness. The question is though....were can we find the BEST?

Lucky for us, the good people over at The Urban List took one for the team to find the best places in Auckland to get your dumpling fix so if you lookking for somewhere to go out for dinner, have a read below:

1. Barilla Dumpling
    571 Dominion Rd

If you're looking for a place for the whole squad to go out for dinner, Barilla is your place. You can get your dumplings in lots 20 so you're definitely not going home hungry.

2. Eden Noodles
    105 Dominion Rd

Don't let the queues scare you off, Eden Noodles is well worth the wait. The dumplings come in one option, pork, but you can load up on your choice of sauce.

3. New Flavour
    537 Dominion Rd

New Flavour is a must go for dumpling lovers in Auckland. The Urban Lists says "the pork mince with prawn and chives is a no-fail order or hit the pork and beef mince for an all-out meat attack."

4. XuXu Dumpling Bar
    Galway Street & Commerce Street

If you're up for a light snack or a full on meal, you'll love XuXu Dumpling Bar. You'll get six of those lil'dumps (is that a weird nickname? yeah, we think so too) per order so you can order as many or few as you want.

5. Top Café
    22A Cross St

These guys don't hold back on jam packing each dumpling full over ingredients and we wouldn't want it any other way. The Urban List says they  get points in their books for "their cooking style of their dumplings—perfectly steamed and lightly fried, so you get a good crunch in every mouthful you shove into your gob."

Check out The Urban List for the full list of Auckland's best dumpling spots!