Women like hanging with their best friends more than their husband, study says

scandal 10/04/2018

A study has found that most women actually prefer their best mate to their husband.

The survey, conducted by spa company Champneys, revealed a woman’s best friend is her soulmate, not her romantic partner.

Out of the 1,517 women questioned, more than 50 per cent claimed their girlfriends ranked higher than their husbands when it came to who they were closest to.

There were heaps of reasons why women said they preferred their friends to their husband.

The most popular response was down to the feeling they could ‘talk about everything’ with their best friends. That was followed closely by the fact they felt their female bestie ‘listened more’ than their significant other, and said they can tell them things they couldn’t tell their partner.

39 per cent of people asked said they ‘laugh until they cry’ with their girls, and 29 per cent said they can truly be themselves around their best friend.

The study also found that more than one in four women said their female friends were 'less irratating' than their husband...lol!!

Here's the full list:

We can talk about everything (57 per cent)

She listens more (45 per cent)

I can tell her things I could not tell my partner (44 per cent)

We enjoy the same things  (41 per cent)

We laugh until we cry (39 per cent)

I can truly be myself (29 per cent)

We go back much further (29 per cent)

She offers better advice (28 per cent)

She is less irritating (26 per cent)

We have much more in common (25 per cent)

She has a better sense of humour (19 per cent)

We go wild when we’re together (18 per cent)