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Woman shares her hilarious psychic reading with the internet


Why wouldn't you want a glimpse into the future? Some people want it so badly that they enlist the servies of a psychic to let them know what's in store for them.

One such woman is Niamh Gargan, 19, but the answers she got weren't quite what she had in mind.

Niamh, from Glasgow, got in touch with a Facebook psychic and paid her a tenner to 'tell her fortune'.

In the exchange the psychic told Niamh: "Your [sic] into beauty and hair, you love having a natural tan, you're feeling fresh.

"You love banana and chocolate milkshake smoothies. You always have teeth whitening for your teeth. You want to settle down with someone."

At this point, Niamh asks the psychic to tell her something 'spiritual' before giving in and just asking for a refund because the reading is 'obviously fake'.

She doesn't seem happy about this, replying: "It's not fake. I am in the middle of doing it. Sorry. Takes a lot of energy, hunnie."

Niamh ends up apologising and the psychic gets back down to the business of future-telling, but it's a swing and a miss again when she asks the teen if she had an auntie that died - Niamh does not.

She then seemingly decides to go for an incredibly specific predication, writing: "Someone died that was close to you, bought you Easter eggs all the time.

"And hair clips."

Umm? Niamh tells the woman she doesn't know anyone fitting that description and the psychic tells her 'you're always bored'. K???

At this stage Niamh is over it and sends a link to her PayPal account, asking for a refund. But the psychic quickly tells her: "I see you are going to be pregnant."

Niamh tells her that she can't have children, only to be told: "You adopted one." Wow.

Speaking about the ordeal, Niamh admitted: "I felt like an idiot but I couldn't stop laughing at my own stupidity and the things she was coming out with. I think she was just saying the first thing that came into her head."