Stan Walker releases emotional 'Thank You' music video for his mum

scandal 03/04/2018

In a Newshub exclusive, Stan Walker has shared his heartfelt new music video for 'Thank You' before releasing it on Wednesday.

The music video is the first Stan's released since going public with is battle against cancer and is his way of expressing gratitude for the love and guidance of his mother, April.

Her support for her son and their love for each other was immortalised in Stan, the hit documentary broadcast on Three last month that catalogued the surgery he had to remove his cancerous stomach and his road to recovery.

In the song, Stan sings:

After all we've been through, you've never run out of love,

There's no words to say but 'I love you', so I'ma say thank you - just know it will never, ever be enough

April herself features in the video, receiving a facial tattoo for part of it.

'Thank You' is part of the six-track EP Stan, which is available on Spotify and Apple Music now.

SOURCE: Newshub.