Sarah from MAFS shows off 8kg weight loss

scandal 03/04/2018

We've already seen one pretty dramatic change from a Married at First Sight Australia bride when Gabrielle revealed that she had lost a massive 18kgs after splitting with her husband Nasser.

Now, Sarah Roza has also revealed that she's lost weight after splitting up with her TV husband Telv!

Remember Sarah and Telv? They seemed so good together but obviously after the show ended, it all went down hill :(

Yesterday, Sarah posted a photo on Instagram of herself hanging out with fellow MAFS bride Tracey and fitness guru Tammy Hembrow.

MAFS fans were quick to notice how slim Sarah looked and praised her new frame.

After one fan commented on the photo saying, "Wow, you've lost so much weight Sarah!", the TV bride replied to the fan, saying that she had lost 8kgs since the show ended!

Wow, she looks amazing! Good on her!