Matty McLean emotionally opens up about being a gay man during the Israel Folau drama


Breakfast presenter Matty McLean has emotionally opened up about how he feels as a gay man during the drama going on with Israel Folau.

A fortnite ago, Australian rugby star Folau wrote on Instagram that all gay people are destined for hell. The husband of Silver Ferns star Maria Folau (nee Tutaia) attracted widespread condemnation after telling an Instagram commenter that God's plan for homosexuals is "HELL... unless they repent of their sins".

After being asked for his opinion on the matter, Matty McLean emotionally spoke about how he feels about it. 

"It is really, really hard to watch people say those kinds of things. Especially if you live your life as a really proud, gay man and I'm so sick of people standing behind - people keen saying 'oh it's ok, he's allowed to have an opinion'. I call bull on that. You cannot continue to stand behind religious views and spout this biggeted, hateful, homophoic speech. It's really disgusting to see."