Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh is back with a brand new TV show!


Even though Grey's Anatomy's still going strong, we'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for a surprise cameo from Christina Yang and for her to be like 'I'm back!'.

Don't worry, we know that that's not likely to happen any time soon (and that breaks our heart almost as much as that scene with Derek and Meredith) but luckily there's another show on the way for us to get our dose of Sandra Oh. 

The new show, called 'Killing Eve', has Sandra playing the main character which has the same amount of ambition and 'spunk' that we're use to seeing in Christina Yang. The show, which is set in London, is all about Sandra pretty much accidentally becoming a spy.

The show starts this week in America and will be available to watch exclusively on TVNZ OnDemand from Monday 9th of April!

Watch the full trailer below: