Glee star inspired to come out as gay by Ariana Grande song

scandal 24/04/2018

Ariana Grande has returned to the spotlight this week with her new music and her inspirational track "No Tears Left to Cry" has made waves among fans for bringing major feels. 

Former Glee alum Kevin McHale (who played Artie Abrams) used the moment to not only fan over the song, but to officially tell the world he’s gay.

McHale tweeted about Grande’s song saying: “#NoTearsLeftToCry is gayer than me and I ACCEPT”. Though McHale hasn’t spoken publicly about his sexual orientation prior to this tweet, he has previously posted photos with rumored boyfriend (and fellow actor) Austin McKenzie.

Fans of both Glee and Grande, of course, are freaking out. 

Earlier this week, Kevin also posted a photo of himself cuddling up to fellow actor Austin McKenzie, which promptly started rumours that the pair are dating.