FYI Nando's Peri-Peri chips now exist in NZ!

scandal 27/04/2018

We need a packet of these ASAP!

 Nando's is life for a lot of us, we mean Ed Sheeran's even wrote a song about how much he loves that Peri-Peri chicken:

And now Nando's chips exists for you to get your fix!

Usually when these types of stories come out we have the bad news that even though this really cool flavour exists, it's unfortunately not coming to NZ....but not this time. 

This week New World Gardens in Dunedin broke the very exciting news that Eta have created a limited edition Nando's Peri Peri Hot chips: 

In their caption New World said they're available in store now so if you're in Dunedin, then you need to get their ASAP and if you see it in your supermarket around the rest of the country, let us know!