Alycia from Married at First Sight AU is already selling her wedding dress

scandal 04/04/2018

Married at First Sight Australia just wrapped up a hectec as hell season and even though the ending was emotional af (some of it in a good way), we've been shown that love doesn't exist as none of the OG couples are together any more...

One of those now-single gals is Alycia Galbraith (AKA the bride who was paired with groom Matt who called it quits within three weeks) is getting over her man by flogging off her wedding dress on Facebook.

With the help of her mother, Alycia posted her dress on Facebook's Marketplace.

Her mum posted the ad with this caption:

"Original dress from the show. Alycia is my daughter. Channel 9 bought the dress from Jenny and Gerry'z Bridal Adelaide for $2,800. It's had a bit of a run being filmed several times at different locations - including for the shows pre episodes promos so Alycia is happy with $1,000. Size 10. Shoes sold separate for $20…not USED.”

The post follows Alycia blocking her on-screen ex-husband on social media, explaining, "Like after any normal break-up (no matter how short/long), it's never a fun thing seeing your ex's posts."

She also mentioned that Matt was quite a Debbie-downer, which was another reason why she needed to strip him from her social media feed. Alycia plainly said, "He is very negative towards me for no reason and I don't need that in my life. I let Matt know I was blocking him at the time and my reasonings why."