'Denim Knickers' are here to take short shorts to a whole new level


Your family already has a hard enough time seeing you in ripped jeans so imagine what they'd be like with these...

If you thought the short shorts you saw at all the festivals over summer weren't short enough, well then allow us to introduce the 'Denim Knickers'.


You'd think that since these things are literally made from a peice of scrap fabric, you'd think these 'shorts' would be an absoulte bargain. Well, think again because they're going to set you back $28 NZD from Pretty Little Thing.


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Looking at the positives though atleast these jeans...have good air-flow,they....will help with your tan? TBH That's all we can think of because these things are u-g-l-y. Twitter also hasn't held back their thoughts on the jeans saying: