'13 Reasons Why' Tyler hints at chilling season 2 storyline

scandal 05/04/2018

13 Reasons Why is coming back for season 2 and as you can imagine, the world's wondering what it's going to be about. 

It was one of the biggest, and most controversial, shows for Netflix last year with the way they dealt with mental health issues and by the looks of it, Season 2 is going to be just the same.

Obvs if you haven't watched the first season, or don't want to ready any spoilers, you should probably stop reading now...

In the finale, we saw that Tyler, Hannah's stalker, bought a gun and had a huge stash of ammo along with a photo line up of everyone who'd bullied him leading us to think that a school shooting might be going to happen.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler, a.k.a Devin Druid, hinted that his character will be a big part of season 2 saying:

This is a really logical step for this character to go toward. I definitely think there's more of a story to tell. That helps dive into a bigger conversation of mental illness and bullying and harassment and how a person can react when they're pushed to the end of their rope.

We'll have to see what issues the show tackles for the next season but they've already made changes for people dealing with the same topics in the show by bulking up the resources available on 13ReasonsWhy.info, including adding a viewing guide to facilitate more nuanced conversation, and each episode will begin with a custom video message from the cast members (as themselves, not their characters) discussing how to get help and support.