The Bachelor's Naz tells Jordan to 'grow some balls'

scandal 06/03/2018

Former The Bachelor NZ star Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani has slammed Jordan Mauger's 'heartbreak' at the Bachelor Winter Games, calling it "a load of shit". 

Jordan spoke to Woman's Day this week about his brief relationship with ex-Bachelor USA contestant Bibiana Julian while they both participated in the Bachelor Winter Games. 

The 34-year-old told the magazine he was "heartbroken and vulnerable" after Bibiana decided to exit the series, saying "the fall was hard and it hurt".

Jordan also spoke of the "stigma" attached to him after his series of The Bachelor NZ in 2016, which he later boasted about "flipping a coin" to decide on the lucky winning lady, then broke up with winner Fleur Verhoeven a day after filming ended. 

Speaking to Newshub, runner-up Naz says she doesn't believe a word of Jordan's apparent 'heartbreak'. 

"He changes his story to whatever he needs it to be at the time," she told Newshub.

"As soon as [our season] stopped filming, he would turn around and say things to me like, 'I wish it was you', and stuff like that. But then he came out with the whole 'coin flip' thing.

"It's hard to believe anything he says anymore." 

In the Woman's Day interview, assistant film director Jordan insinuated the set-up on Bachelor Winter Games was superior to The Bachelor NZ. He claimed the connection between he and Bibiana occurred because he was "allowed to be [him]self" and had "supportive producers". 

"The difference is that the girls were prepared to be on the show, while in New Zealand I reckon they were afraid to be around cameras and exploited. That freedom of intimacy and expression was never there [in Bachelor NZ]," Jordan claimed. 

To that, Naz says he needs to "grow some balls" and "stop blaming everybody else for his actions". 

"He needs to man up"

"I wouldn't be surprised if even what he had with this girl was just for show.

"I think he's probably gone on the show hoping that he could make himself look a bit better. He's saying, 'you know I am genuine, I am looking for love'... but I just think it's a load of shit to be honest.

"He probably just wants people to feel sorry for him and be sympathetic... I don't believe a word he says." 

Naz had some choice advice for the man she once said she was falling in love with. 

"He just needs to stop. I just think if it was me personally and I'd gone on a few dating shows and it was failing, I would just stop, you know?" she said.

"Maybe try things the old fashioned way."