Pizza Hut release shoes that will order pizza for you


In today's pizza news, you can order a slice by pressing a button on your shoes....

Yeah, you read that right. If you've ever thought while orderding pizza online 'wow, this taking so long, if only there was a way to speed things up' well, now you're in luck.

This year for March Madness. Pizza Hut has released the 'Pie Tops II', a pair of limited-edition shoes that can be used to order pizza and also pause the basketball game you’re watching while you wait for it to be delivered.

To order the pizza, you simple press the button on the tounge of the shoe which is connected to the Pizza Hut app on your phone and boom, you've got a pizza on the way. 

Only 50 pairs are going to be made available this year and unlucky for us in NZ, they're only going to be on sale in America but is this something you'd want to make it's way over here?