MAFS audition tapes have come out & they are really something

scandal 07/03/2018

Now we've been watching Married at First Sight Australia for a few weeks, it's SO interesting to look back on the audition tapes now we "know" the people involved.

The MAFS team have decided to release the bride's and groom's audition tapes to the country because we 100% needed them.

Troy's audition tape doesn't surprise us at all and tbh it's hilarious. He literally got a Tinder notification while he was in the interview!

The Today Show also showed Nasser's tape, where he said he specifically wanted a girl with painted toenails.

"Oh, painted toenails, did I mention that?

"She must have painted toenails."

They also showed Dean's tape, where he said he wanted a girl who "knows that I'm the man" in the relationship...

Ryan's tape, where he said that he has "always wanted kids" and Sarah's tape, where she got very emotional saying that she was "petrified of people abandoning me".

Unfortunately at the moment, Troy's is the only tape online that you can watch but we're crossing our fingers for the others! So good!