Kim Kardashian explains why she sent Valentine's gifts to her haters

scandal 12/03/2018

Back on Vanteine's, Kim is putting all the Bad Blood in her life behind her and treating everyone to a special Valentine's Day gift.

Kim put up a special Insta story with the names of her 'lovers' and 'haters' that she's going to send a special  oh her KIMOJI Heart Fragrances to including Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna:

But obvs it isn't the usual to send a gift to your haters on Valentine's. So why did Kim do it?

In a post called 'How I deal With Haters' on her blog, Kim said:

It was my way of saying they can talk shit about me if they want, but I'm going to keep doing me,

Kim also talked about how all the criticism over the years has affected her and shaped who she is today:

I used to be really sensitive—I'd have Google Alerts and look on websites and get so upset. When people say negative things about me, I try to take the high road most of the time.

I always ask the questions: Will this affect me in a week? In a month? In a year? And usually the answer is no, but if it's something that really bothers me, I'll respond.