Jesse McCartney has new music out and our 'beautiful soul' can't deal

scandal 28/03/2018

The year's 2004...Flip-phone's are what everyone wanted for Christmas, MSN was how everyone talked (escpecially your crush because you DEFINTIELY couldn't talk to them at school) and Jesse McCartney released one of the best songs the world had every heard.    

Skip forward to 2018 though and Iphone's are were it's all at, Facebook has taken over the world and Jesse McCartney has dropped off the radar. Until now that is.

Back in Febuary, Jesse teased his brand new song 'Better With You' on Twitter:

Now the song's finally here and it's given as some serious 'Beautiful Soul' vibes (which we couldn't be happier about). The song is the first Jesse's put out in 4 years and he's still all about that romance feel.

While talking with Paper, Jesse said this new song is more complex and a bit deeper than his ones in the past:

A song is supposed to do what a movie is supposed to do. It's supposed to make you laugh, it's supposed to make you cry, It's supposed to pull you in and draw parallels to your own life. This record might be able to do that more than others... lyrically.

Check out the full song below: