Here's what the texts between MAFS' Dean and Tracey said

scandal 29/03/2018

We heard last night on Married at First Sight that Dean and Tracey exchanged text messages with each other while Tracey and Sean were together...

It was hard to work out what really went on as we've seen everyone lie about basically EVERYTHING throughout the show.

Apparently some of the texts were too scandalous to print...but luckily others were not. So, we have some of them! 

After hooking up with other girls: 

Dean: "F*** me that got out of hand quickly."
Tracey: "Lol what’s up?" Dean: "Just partied with Andy last nite, s*** got crazy. Only got home at like 4pm today."
Tracey: "Haha 12 girls again?"
Dean: "Nah just 2."
Tracey: "Lol just enough."

After he sent her a photo of a girl in her underwear:

Dean: “That was one of em (referencing the photo).”
Dean: “One while her boyfriend was sitting in the corner watching.”
Dean: “Watching everything.”
Tracey: “You will never change huh.”

On New Year's Eve:

Tracey: “What’s your New Year plans?”
Dean: “Just hanging in Manly.”
Tracey: “Who’s going to be the lucky 19 year old to bring in the new year with you lol.” Dean: “Hmm good question.”

Speaking to the publication, Tracey revealed she and Sean are moving to Melbourne together, without her young daughter who will stay in Perth. She also revealed any texting between Dean and herself ended after the reunion episodes were shot.  

"Sending those texts when we were no longer together was inappropriate. It made it worse that Dean knew I was with Sean. I’ve no idea what was going on in Dean’s head. If he was trying to make me jealous it didn’t work. I’d sent Dean shots of me in lingerie but that was while we were in a relationship. It just underlined to me that I’d made the right decision to leave Dean."