Toblerone Ice Cream exists proving dreams do come true


Ok, lets start by saying we might have a slight obsession with Toblerone...

We all start by telling ourselves we'll 'only have one triangle', but let's be honest that's never going to happen and before you know it, we've just finished the whole bar and now we're in a chocolatey coma....

But now the Swiss chocolate geniuses have gone and made Toblerone even better with an icecream version!

TESCO were the first to announce 'Toblerone Ice Cream' was a thing and, as you can imagine, we weren't the only ones excited by the news:

The ice cream will have everything we love about the chocolate like the honey, almond and nougat but it'll also come in the OG triangle shape.

If you're heading to the UK anytime soon, you'll be able to get a pack of three from Tesco for £3 ($5.70).

The bad news is there hasn't been any word if they'll be available in NZ anytime soon but who else would be up for trying on if they did!?