MAFS AU's Troy refuses to explain the weird way he brushes his teeth

scandal 14/02/2018

The Married At First Sight Australia season five star renowned for his bizarre behaviour is refusing to explain his terrifying tooth brushing technique.

Troy Delmege made headlines by eating tuna from a can and then aggressively brushing his teeth, with toothpaste foam streaming down his chin, in preparation for his wedding.

Asked by Australian media outlet The Fix why he brushes his teeth in such a manner, the 35-year-old IT accounts manager refused to say.

Well, there's a few reasons, but I don't know if I should really go into my reasons actually

He added that he doesn't floss and only brushes once a day.

"I brush in the morning. When I brush at night I find it triggers hunger and when I go to bed I don't want to go to bed hungry," Troy said.

"I don't think there's anything to floss."

In addition to his unusual tooth brushing method, Troy's weird kissing style and penchant for performing push-ups at inappropriate times has spurned rumours that he's actually an actor.

He emphatically denied the suggestion in an interview with 9Life's Talking Married.

"No, absolutely not!" Troy said.

"It's me from start to finish, as you will find out."

Married At First Sight Australia screens on Three in New Zealand and can be streamed via ThreeNow.