FYI Here's how to make Cadbury Creme Egg Pancakes & YUM


With Easter just around the corner, wondering what the biggest chocolate-y treat of 2018?

Introducing Cadbury Creme Egg Pancakes. 

And it's all thanks to one man, Liam Charles. Last year Liam was on Great British Bake Off and says he's always loved pancakes for breakfast:

I love pancakes, and always eat more than one. But, sometimes they need an egg-tra special twist – my favourite goo-ey treat, a Cadbury Creme Egg!

So what does the pancakes look like? Just as good as you'd imagine: 

So if your New Year's resolution was the cut back on the chocolate in your life, we're sorry for showing you this, and you DEFINITELY shouldn't click here to see the full recipe...

SOURCE: Metro.