Four day working weeks could be coming to New Zealand


Long weekends are amazing and luckily the country have just experienced a couple. But what if you had one every week?

In March, trust company Perpetual Guardian will launch a six-week trial where its full time staff will work for four days a week but still be paid for five days.

And if it's successful, the company will implement the policy permanently from July 1.

Perpetual founder Andrew Barnes said the idea behind the four-day week was to increase productivity and start a conversation that challenged the traditional working week.

Four-day weeks could mean employees might have to work weekends and take weekdays off, he said.

The hours would not be compressed - workers would work 32 hours instead of 40 hours.

Barnes said: "Employees live very different lives today. They are single parents, or both working parents, and most of all they want a life outside of work too".

Germany and the Netherlands already have 32-hour work weeks.