Why New Zealand sucks, according to Kiwis on Reddit

trending 08/01/2018

What's NZ Like? Pretty average according to the internet. 

Ok lets get one thing straight, we all agree NZ is amazing and we love living here buuut now we've got that out of the way, we can be honest, there are some things we don't love as much about NZ and that's what everyone's talking about on Reddit atm.

'What's wrong with your country?'  was the question asked by a Canadian who recently visited our shores. "We want to move there, so please, convince me not to!" user Taroin posted. "Tell me the worst things about the place, things that might convince me that maybe it isn't as wonderful as we think."

Kiwis were quick to cut the tall poppy - in this case, the country - down.

"Weed ain't legal here and quality ain't much better," said muttonbird1.

"Child abuse, homelessness and suicide of youth are way higher than they should be," added daronjay.

"Unless you are skilled and in demand, wages, quite frankly, are shit," said 60svintage. 

Insufficient ice hockey and maple syrup," said black_flag.

The locals are often unsure if they're a bird, a fruit, or a person," said MailOrderHusband.

Some of the birds smell like old violin cases. It's terrible," added Oligosomanigriplanta.

SOURCE: Newshub