Kendall Jenner disables comments on Insta after being called out for this pic

scandal 17/01/2018

If there's one thing Kendall Jenner's good at, it's getting her some into controversy...

You'd think after that Pepsi incident she'd have learnt to play things safe buuut now she's come under fire for a whole new reason.

This week Kendall was photographed sporting a huge fur coat on the runway for the Dsquared2 show.

The luxe fashion brand Kendall's wearing has a large selection of real fur items. On the website racoon fur hats, 50 percent goatskin + 50 percent fox fur snow boots, as well as coyote fur kid's jackets are for sale.

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Not long after she uploaded the photo, Kendall started getting called TF out by fans with some accusing her of promoting the fur industry and increasing the outdated demand for a trend based around the abuse of animals:

Kendall recieved so many negative comments on the photo that she's had to disable comments on the post but other than that, she's yet to make any comment on the backlash she's been getting.

SOURCE: Newshub.