Why Hugh Grant didn't actually want to shoot famous 'Love Actually' scene

trending 16/01/2018

We basically love everything about Love Actually but one of our favourite scenes has to be when Hugh Grant (aka the Prime Minister) dances to "Jump (For My Love)". 

He's such a cutie! Haha! But apparently Hugh didn't quite get the concept...

In an interview with PeopleTV, Grant explained that he simply didn’t think it made sense from a logic perspective.

"Well I could see that it might work," Grant told PeopleTV. "Although I never understood it technically. I kept saying to Richard [Curtis, the film's director], 'Okay, look. I've got the radio in my room. My bedroom. And I'm dancing, fine. But then I started dancing through the whole of 10 Downing Street, where's the music coming from? How does it cut off at the end?'"

Actually, re-watching it, we can see that he raises a good point. The music does sort of follow him everywhere. 

However, apparently Curtis simply said, “It’ll work. It’s film world.”

And it definitely did.

"But that was a minor consideration," Grant continued. "The major consideration was just the idea of me having to freak out without a drink inside me."