Here's why you shouldn't exercise when hungover - thanks science!

trending 12/01/2018

If you've got a big weekend planned but don't want to feel guilty for skipping the gym we've got you covered.

We're here to bust the common myth that you can 'sweat out the toxins' or 'reenergise yourself' by hitting the gym after a heavy night out. According to experts, it's actually a bit of a waste of time.

Senior policy and research officer at Alchohol Concern told HuffPost that "Our performance after drinking will be pretty underwhelming. Alcohol makes our kidneys produce more urine, causing dehydration which will only be made worse by exercising, leading to reduced performance".

So we obviously won't be giving the workout our all when we're feeling shady, but that's not the only issue.

According to Drinkaware's medical advisor Dr. Sarah Jarvis "your coordination could be affected" if you exercise with alcohol still in your system "and you're more likely not to know your limits - for instance, if you're lifting weights. That means you're much more likely to suffer from an injury or strain something, which could put you out of action for a much longer time."

We're estimated to burn approx. one unit of alcohol an hour, so if you had a particularly heavy night, the chances are you'll still have alcohol in your system the following day.

And the 'sweating it out' thing? Mark Leyshon advised that "no amount of exercise can reduce the effects of a hangover. It's better to rest and drink plenty of water rather than engaging in vigorous activity."

This is valuable information for us in the midst of festie season when we're desperately trying to burn off those extra holiday calories.

Back to the couch for us it is... or more sunbathing. That cures hangovers right?