Did the 'KUWTK' wiki page accidentally confirm Kylie Jenner's pregnant?

scandal 01/02/2018

Surely this pain of constantly guessing whether or not Kylie's pregnant can't go on for too much longer.

We've already seen every theory you could possible think of trying to prove she's pregnant like 'Kylie has a blue painting in the background of a screensaver on her phone so she's definitely having a boy' or, our personal favourite: 

One of the main theories though is that she'll announce if she's pregnant or not on the final episode of KUWTK and there's a new, and kinda convincing, reason to think that.

 While looking everywhere trying to find about Kylie's pregnancy, fans stumbled across the name of the KUTWK finale titled: "We're expecting!"

And yes, we know, 'Wikipedia isn't a credible source to site', our high school teacher told us that one too many times as well.

But there's two ways we can look at this:

1) This is actually the name of the ep and considering Kim and Khloe has announced they're pregant, how else could an episode titled 'We're Expecting' be about other than Kylie


2) Anyone can edit a wiki page and how could someone like Kylie, and Momager Kris, after months and months of stiring rumours and keeping the world on edge, let a site like wiki confirm her pregnancy?

So if this wiki page is true, we've only got one more month before the torture ends and we find out the truth which is great because we don't know how much more of this we can take.