These are the two ages you'll be the happiest at

trending 03/04/2017

And they are both not what you'd expect...

Ever wondered what age in life you're the happiest? Well according to this new study there's not just one age, but two!

A study from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences has discovered that people are happiest at the two ages of 23 and 69. 

After surveying 23,000 adults between the ages of 17-85, and it asked them to predict how they thought they would feel about their lives in 5 years time. The same people were then surveyed again 5 years later and the findings were veeeeery interesting!

According to the results, our levels of happiness appear to follow a "U-shaped curve between the ages of 20-70," with 23 and 69 being the peak two ages for prime happiness.

At 23, most people would have graduated University and are entering their first 'career jobs', while at 69 many people would have settled into retirement and found new post-work hobbies.