The trailer for Kim Kardashian's new show is finally here

scandal 08/12/2017

Will you give this a watch? 

If you've caught up with all the episodes of KUWTK, we've found a new show for you to get stuck in to. 

Kim Kardashian has a new show on the way and no, this one isn't about her life or any of her sisters. Instead, the new show called 'Glam Masters' is a new beauty competition she's producing. 

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Kim sent a snap out saying:

So excited to announce the premiere date, host and judges for Glam Masters, the new beauty competition I’m executive producing

Kim hasn't said yet if she'll be appearing on the show but the trailer does show a few faces we'll get to see like Laverne Cox, Kim's go-to MUA Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson, and Zanna Roberts Rassi.

Watch the full trailer above.