Ashy Bines is being sued for $150,000 after copyright claims

scandal 12/12/2017

$150,000!? We'd really hate to be Ashy Bines right now, or atleast, her bank account.

If you're not sure who she is, Ashy is one of the biggest fitness gurus in the world right now and social media star:

Now though, Ashy is in hot water after one woman is willing to take her to court after accusing Ashy of copying her.

Alexandria Dodds has claimed a recipe found in Ashy Bines E-Book was one she originally created back in 2012 and wasn't given any credit for it:

I couldn't believe a woman that claims to be empowering other women could do something like this

I'm all for making an honest name for yourself and young women succeeding in business, I'm just not sure that Ashy understands the impact it has.

Alexandria first made the claims in 2016 which Ashy did respond to on her Youtube channel saying she was "too naive to think I wouldn't have to check the origins of each recipe" but that wasn't enough for Alexandria saying:

Unfortunately, I felt [Bines] was sorry for getting caught, not so much for what she had done as she then shifted the blame to an 'outsourced nutritionist' and then goes on to sell a new edition of the book

Right now Alexandria trying to raise money on a crowdfunding site in hopes to then be able to sue Ashy for a massive $150,000. Ashy is yet to give a new response to Alexandria's threat to sue but we'll let you know as soon as she does.