The internet's found Beyoncé's twin and even we're seeing double

scandal 07/12/2017

What's better than being Beyoncé? well, nothing...but looking just like her comes pretty close.

Celebrity doppelgängers aren't anything new. We've already found Ed Sheeran's, Ariana Grande's and now we've found Beyoncé's look-a-like.

Brittany Williams, who goes by sur_b on Instagram, has made the world to a double take after looking exactly like Queen B:

Brittany told Bustle she's even been chased down by fans asking for selfies:

They chased us, actually, to the car, They beat it with their heels until we let down the window and gave them a photo — when we let down the window, though, they were singing 'Single Ladies,' so that was very bizarre.

Would you mistake you for beyoncé?